About ME

I love photography, games, music and all tech related things

My name is Kristófer and I am from Iceland. I live in Finland and I am studying IT. I love photography, games, music, content creation and all tech related subjects.


I am interested in game & sound design and front-end-development. I am also slowly getting into 3D-modelling and animation Check out some of my work!


A new form of digital art exhibition. Android mobile application – 3D digital art in AR space.
Sceneform | ARCore Cloud Anchors | Kotlin | Android Studio | Google Map API


3D map prototype. Overlaying a 3D map with custom shaders and JSON data
HTML | CSS | SASS | TypeScript | HERE Maps | THREE.JS | HARP.gl | Netlify 


Motion controlled card game for seniors. Created as a proof of concept for game implementation for elderly.
Unity | C# | Android Studio | Orbbec SDK


Meme-me is a fun sharing web application where you can view and rate memes. Tinder for memes!
Express | JavaScript | HTML/CSS | MySQL | Node JS


I like all kinds of photography. Everything from portrait to nature.

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I love music and entertainment

I have been a DJ since 2006. I have played in all kinds of events, from festivals to small private parties.

Check out my SoundCloud if you want to hear some tunes!

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Kristófer Knutsen